“No Pain No Gain….” Seriously!!

It’s been two weeks since my 50K… and, as expected (contrary to my own wanting to believe), my body continues to feel a bit of the aftermath.  Without going into too much detail – my body has just been experiencing some remarkably unpleasant pain (to say the least) in my pelvic bone/groin area. I wasn’t really going to write about it on my blog – but then I thought maybe there are more runners (both male and female) out there in a similar situation – as, I do believe it is a condition brought on by running – so if my post happens to help someone else, or if someone else gives me suggestions – then my post was well worth it :)

“The Pain”  started when was running my final 24 mile long run just prior to my taper before the 50K.  I blew the feeling off, justifying it as the rapidly increasing miles I was running with my training regime.  Sure – we hear of “overtraining”, but heck…”that won’t happen to me!”  In my case – perhaps it did.  “The Pain”  subsided with more relief on my short runs, but I had some underlying fears that I would not be able to pull the 50K off if it persisted.  Fortunately, it had not  – I ran my race, and had a 50K PR — even though it was my first :)  So – I was feeling strong… but I knew I had to take “some” time off.  I allowed two days to go by, and I was out running again – but, it was only a short 4 -5 miler.  I ran a couple more times during the week – all short runs, and last weekend… I decided to pick it up again, “or not”.  One of my previous blogs shares how I had fallen, “once again”… in the Garden… and, of course – I know – it was from over exertion.. not being on my game… etc, whatever you want to call it.  But – I also noticed… “The Pain”… the damn pain.. that I felt prior to the 50K was surfacing again.  My pelvic bone was hurting as I was running, and especially once I stopped.  “Odd?”  I would think… but, “whatever…”, “it went away before, I am sure it will go away again.”  Well – to my misfortune… it came back again — with full force.. yes… “The Pain!”

Yesterday, my husband and I went for a late afternoon run.  I was feeling fine all day, just antsy to get out – but he had another commitment, so I waited for him to come home.  We were no more than .5 miles in, and I was feeling “The pain”.  I was hesitant to tell my husband, because his immediate reaction would be to stop and go home.  I couldn’t bring myself to do that…  I “needed” this run.  So I continued on, and we were soon on the trails in the Garden.  I was following, and on the route he took me, we were doing some pretty seriously intense climbs — short climbs, but climbs nonetheless.  Oh.. I was feeling  “The Pain”.  “Damn IT!!” Was all I could think.  We were about 2 miles in, and it started to rain.. lightly at first, but within seconds it began to rain heavy, and shortly thereafter — the “hail”… ugh.. “are you kidding me!”….. So – we hung out under a tree until it stopped – only about 5 min.  But – again, “The Pain”.. OMGosh… I rarely swear, but I was like, “WTF!”  I didn’t know if I would be able to begin again, but I did – slowly at first, and once in the groove – I was “ok” – relatively speaking.  Made it home, and then it hit!  You guessed it, “The Pain”… I could barely walk.  I’d sit down and couldn’t get back up, and it was simply grueling.

So – I began my own research, and hit the internet.  I found many sites with descriptions of “The Pain”, ‘my pain’ and of what I have been feeling, and perhaps why.  The information I read indicates that it is a problem for “runners”, and particularly “long distance” runners. Well, go figure… So – this is what I found, in case anyone else out there happens to have similar ailments related to your running

osteitis-pubis.php#causes A.K.A. — “The Pain”

— and, by the way — I read many sites, and have found that it is actually more prevalent in “male” runners, then in females.

With all of this said…. I could not run today, afraid I might add more injury or do more harm at this point, so I took the day off from the trails – which, BTW — was not an easy task, as I “really” was wanting to get a good run in on such a beautiful day.  But – not all was lost, as I began to feel better (“The Pain” was subsiding as the day went on), so I decided to go for a road bike ride.   Contrary to what one might think, it was actually helpful to area of “The Pain”, as it stretched my legs in a different way, and I took it easy – only putting on a short 10 miles, but just enough to keep me sane…. :)  I also added some yoga to my routine this morning, as I realized one of my own faults – in my world of running – is that I do not stretch enough.

This week I will continue to go lightly – with short rides, and perhaps by the mid to end of week, I will be able to resume my running routine… , granted with short/slow runs, and hopefully – w/o “The Pain”… but like the old cliché goes…. “NO Pain NO Gain..”  Seriously!!!


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